Character of the Ural Rexes

Cats from the Cattery Iset's / Germany

Their character is unique and even outmatches the other Rexbreeds.
Everyone that has met an URX, is completely fascinated.
These Russian kobolds are sociable, affectionate, intelligent, charming, playful and attached to humans. Simply compelling. It will never be boring with them.

These little creatures are able to rap us humans around their little paws and capture our hearts.

URX cats are lapcats and bedwarmers and love to fondle. Inconceivable to keep such a cat alone.
From Russian breeders and judges we know that their well balanced character at shows is entchanting.
A dearly beloved catbreed.

Care: Rexcats do not need much care concerning the coat and can be suitable for some who suffer from allergie. But we do recommend a test in advance.


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