Ural-Rex-Point and their hybrids

Vogtlandpfötchen's Bruno
breeder: Sabine Ulbricht


The beginning of the pointed Ural Rex in Germany.

The history
The pointed Ural Rex was supposedly extinct, although the standard allows it. But the German URX breeders did not want to give up on this beautiful pattern. They applied for an outcross mating to Neva Masquarade. The type of the Neva’s comes close to the Ural Rex. The Siberian origin of both breeds should be accountable for that.
The Neva was therefor the best suitable breed for this plan. The German breeders received permission for this experimental breeding.

One of the breeders (Sabine Ulbricht, cattery Vogtlandpfötchen's) started with the experiment and nine weeks later, she got a huge surprise. A litter of four kittens were born. One tortie (Agathe) and three “white” kittens. White was genetically impossible, so they had to be pointed. And they turned out to be so. One male (Albert) was seal point, one male (Alfred) was red point and the female (Adele) was cream point. All were hybrids.
With this outcome it was proven that the imported Russian stud, Amur Runo Urala, was a carrier of the pointed gene. This stud lives in Germany since 2011 and has never shown his little secret until this experimental breeding. A DNA test confirmed that his son, Ch. Iset’s Supurr Editchka, is also a carrier of this trade. For sure there will be more offspring that are point carriers.
Bottom line: in the future we will also have pointed Ural Rex again. What a great surprise. And, the Ural Rex does not have to be outcrossed to the Siberian cats.


And the first URX-point was born in 2015. The little boy Vogtlandpfötchen's Bruno. We are happy. Sir: Amur Runo Urala and the mother is his tochter Iset's Lovely Fairy Tale.

In St. Petersburg the Si-URX is bred through Thai.
Breeder is Galina Ivanova, cattery "Parnas". We do not compare this cats to the pointed Ural Rex from Germany. Both type and origin are different. The Si-URX from St. Petersburg are very Oriental in looks.
We distinguish: Point-Ural-Rex are the cats from Germany and Si-URX are the cats from St. Petersburg.


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